#FreezeYourAge, What Age Do You Want To Be?

We talk about turning back time and staying young. If you could, at what age do you wish to stop ageing? At which particular year do you most want to #FreezeYourAge?

What would be your ideal age to look? Would it be your teens? Your 20s? Your 30s?

Freeze Your Age

Let's explore the options and look at their pros and cons.

#1 The Teenage Years

Remember this contradictory stage? This is the age where one minute someone tells you that you are too old to be told what to do and the next minute? Too young to make your own decisions. 

Beautiful Teenager

Would you choose to #FreezeYourAge at your teens? It is a stage where you have zero wrinkles and zero ageing problems. You are young, energetic, and you think you would be this young forever. Let's not forget; this includes the awkward puberty stage, would you go through it again?

#2 The Youthful 20s

This is where you sometimes know where you're heading, and where you sometimes don't. With adulting, comes responsibilities. One moment you are excited about this new stage and the next, afraid.

Young Adult in 20s

Time begins to fly, and you're ageing like never before. You notice the slight drop in energy levels, that glaring strand of white hair and that fine line when you frown. You wish you could turn back time. Do you #FreezeYourAge here and now to stop the ageing process? 

#3 Your Charming 30s

You're feeling (70%) settled. By now, you would have figured out the majority of life; all your bills and taxes. You feel like a real adult.

Women in 30s

The downside? More white hairs. More fine lines. A massive drop in energy levels. You want to feel young again. Is this finally the perfect time to #FreezeYourAge?


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If you could #FreezeYourAge, at what age would you most want to look like? Let us know in the comments!