The Ultimate Guide to Powder Cleansers: How Often Should You Cleanse?

We all know about the typical gel, liquid, or even balm-based cleansers. They are mostly considered everyone’s skincare staples. But are you familiar with powder cleansers? This innovative product is getting all the spotlight now—and for good reason. It is enough to spruce up any skincare regimen.

As its name suggests, this cleanser dispenses powder straight from the bottle. Its formula is highly concentrated, which offers a deeper cleanse than its liquid counterparts. The powder are generally fine particles derived from pulverised minerals or plant-based powders.


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The best part is you control the cleanse! This product is totally customisable according to your skin type. If you have normal to combination skin, simply add a little water to create a paste-y, more concentrated mixture. If you want a more mild cleanse, add more water. This activates its enzymes to break down your dead skin cells and gently buff them away.

As with all powder cleansers, the powder lathers into a creamy foam when water is added. It acts as a cushion to cleanse the face without any friction. Essentially, it feels light on the skin.

Before you add powder cleansers to your skincare collection, consider these downsides. Powder cleansers do not appease all skin types. They are formulated with a gritty texture to execute its purpose—to exfoliate the skin. No matter how much water you add, there will always be undissolved grits present. Although it is not as harsh as plastic microbeads, it is still not suitable for sensitive skin.

Gritty powder

The grittiness puts off many people, including skincare experts. Dermatologists recommend powder cleansers only twice a week. People with inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea or eczema should also steer away from this. If your skin is prone to redness and irritation, this product is a no-no as well.

Additionally, not all powder cleansers are free from toxic ingredients. Some contain harsh ingredients such as talc, which strip the skin of natural oils and irritate the skin, and even the eyes.

Bottomline? Powder cleansers are not formulated for everyday use. While they are labeled as gentle exfoliants, you should not get carried away when you cleanse. Overdoing it can actually upset the skin and cause serious breakouts.

This makes the quest of searching for the ideal cleanser even more frustrating. The struggle is even more evident when you have sensitive skin. But with problems come solutions. Introducing the only powder cleanser that you can use daily.

Meet the all-new IRÉN Start Afresh Daily Enzyme Powder Wash.

IRÉN Start Afresh Daily Enzyme Powder Wash

100% vegan and made with clean ingredients, the IRÉN Enzyme Powder Wash exfoliates the skin gently, without leaving that all-too-familiar tight feeling. Unlike other powder cleansers with harsh grit, this is made with ultra-fine powder—corn starch grinded using a state-of-the-art mechanism to become super fine. It lathers into a marshmallow-like foam in seconds, which feels heavenly on the skin!

As gentle as it looks, the IRÉN Enzyme Powder Wash is formulated with only the most nourishing ingredients, which does not over-exfoliate the skin; Japanese Rice Bran, a natural ingredient bursting with soothing enzymes, Hyaluronic Acid, to retain the skin’s moisture, and Kiwi Protease, to wipe away dead skin cells.

Japanese Rice Bran is the star ingredient. It has been used among the Japanese geishas as a natural exfoliant for centuries. This works to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion.

As an added boost, Rice Bran promotes skin hydration, reduces skin pigmentation, and evens out the skin tone. It is armed with an antioxidant compound, gamma oryzanol, to inhibit melanin production as well.

IRÉN Powder Wash with Japanese Rice Bran

The addition of Hyaluronic Acid and Sorbitol packs a punch to revitalise the skin’s outer layers. Paired with Kiwi Protease and Lipase, a protein-dissolving and sebum-dissolving enzyme respectively, your skin will feel revived after every wash.
Combined with triple-cleansing action, the IRÉN Enzyme Powder Wash is gentle yet powerful to effectively remove dirt, sebum, and old keratin from your pores. Achieve a poreless canvas in no time!

This is an incredibly gentle exfoliant, which works wonders even the most sensitive skin. Say hello to your new-found, daily powder cleanser. With the IRÉN Enzyme Powder Wash, you can exfoliate away, every day.

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