We were built on a philosophy to keep skin happy with a simple and effective routine made of clean products, which are free of allergens and irritants.  


Armed with a mission to keep your skin happy with only clean and cruelty-free ingredients, IRÉN was born. The name IRÉN was inspired by the Greek goddess of peace, Eirene. IRÉN is the peacekeeper of skin, which calms and restores overly-damaged skin barrier.

Made in Japan and formulated in our research laboratory in Singapore, the IRÉN skincare insists on only using clean and non-toxic ingredients to make sure the skin is healthy and happy. What we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put in! This is why if an ingredient comes up short against our strict skin safety criteria, it doesn’t get anywhere near our products.  We blacklist more than 2000 ingredients that are either proven toxic or potentially harmful to your skin’s natural balance.  So, you can always trust that our skincare will be both gentle and effective even on the most sensitive skin. On top of that, we are also vegan! We use plant-based ingredients, and animals are our friends, so we certainly do not condone animal testing.