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Skin Vaporizer Nano Face Spray
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Skin Vaporizer Nano Face Spray
Skin Vaporizer Nano Face Spray
Skin Vaporizer Nano Face Spray
Skin Vaporizer Nano Face Spray

Skin Vaporizer Nano Face Spray

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Powered by Science for Happy Skin 😊

Presenting the world's first beauty device which works to nebulize skin care of higher viscosity! Our unique Skin Vaporizer is developed to work with IRÉN serums by nano-sizing nutrients to swiftly and efficiently feed the nutrient-deprived skin.

*Better Absorption Through Nanotechnology*
The Skin Vaporizer is an essential must-have for people on the go and those who are particular about hygiene. Portable and user-friendly, the device enables the most immaculate even application of your skincare products with just one single button operation. With no hand-to-skin contact, your skincare product can now be delivered to your skin hands-free and bacteria-free. Unlike other devices, the Skin Vaporizer creates ultra-high yet gentle pressure to encourage any aquiform product to be pushed into the deeper epidermis layer, promoting efficacy and improving absorption capability.

✓ Fast, effective and even absorption
✓ Lightweight, small and portable
✓ Hands free - less bacteria and contamination
✓ Compatible with IRÉN's serums and other water-based skincare and foundation
✓ Rechargeable, with batteries lasting up to 2 weeks

Clean ✅ Safe ✨ Happy 😄


Irén Skin Vaporizer - Sprays Anything, Works Like an Airbrush

Unlike other sprays, this Irén Skin Vaporizer doesn’t stop at water-based solutions. It can turn even liquids of high viscosity - such as foundation - into the same fine mist.
(Tip: mix your foundation with our serums for better results in less time.)


Hold Skin Vaporizer approximately 15-20cm away from face and close eyes. Spray 2-3 times evenly around your face in an M-shaped movement.

Charge once every 2 weeks or when signal shows red. 

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